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Stefan De Las
Product designer tackling healthcare problems in the US with Quest Analytics, LLC and in the Caribbean with IViey Healthcare Ltd.

Starting at the end

As I ended the video call, my mind and body felt tense. Not from a sense of fear, but a sense of excitement. We launched IViey, a healthcare marketplace connecting visitors in need of help with specialists who could provide it. We didn’t exactly know how it would go. We were nervous, excited, enthusiastic and cautious.

An offer unlike the others

“I’ve been looking for a gynechologist close to work for the past year. …

Budo Brothers Martial Arts Ecommerce

As I sent over my last files to the Budo Brothers team, my part of the project was over. For them, it now meant that they would take it all and run with it. But I couldn’t help but ask — what more could I have done? Were they truly satisfied?

A fresh challenge

I was brought on-board to redesign the way their…

A photo depicting the project of the UX design research article in healthcare.
A photo depicting the project of the UX design research article in healthcare.

I’ve spent the past few months diving deeper into UX and Product Design. Why? Because I’ve realized that the entirety of my past 4 years has been, in some way or form, spent using design methods or principles to better products, online experiences and people’s businesses. My work has led me to the use of design principles and methods even when I was unaware of what product or UX design was.

Honestly, if you’re anywhere close to starting your own business, changing up your product or head down in the development of some new app, research should be your biggest endeavor.

Where does research start?

If you’ve ever researched anything, you usually start with Google. Whether you’re…

If you’re the glass-half-full type, you’d often find that opportunities come from even the most mundane conversation.


Keep it simple, conversational, and interesting

Your audience is human.

1. Keep It Simple

Yep, I said it. Your reader is your most important person. They are the focus of everything you write. …

I’m sure you’ve read marketing articles on the internet. And if you have, you probably notice the one rule good marketers and copywriters stress on: benefits.

Why you should focus on benefits over features?

Features focus on the business, and what your product or service does. Benefits focus on the customer, and how they “benefit” from using the product or service. Do you see the difference between the two statements?

Marketing is attention. And the more attention you get, the more chance to sell your product.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Yes, I know. I’ve been writing on the team theme for a while now. But it’s only because I know that teams have more success in accomplishing their goal.

Who you get into bed with shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s a serious matter. From the seductive glances of a first meet to the caresses and late-night conversations that set your heart on fire. You get swooped up in the emotion and before you know it, you’re walking around regretting every decision you’ve made. Finding the right business partner or hire is no different.

Stefan De Las

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