How these 5 Experts can help you Market better in 2020.

Marketing is attention. And the more attention you get, the more chance to sell your product.

I know. I say it like it’s easy. Like marketing is simple. Like it’s something you just do. And once you start, it only goes uphill from there. Right?

I wish.

Unfortunately, it’s not an easy process. It takes time and effort. And a good team.

Yes, I know. I’ve been writing on for a while now. But it’s only because I know that teams have more success in accomplishing their goal.

Going it alone can only get you so far. And for many solo founders or owners, marketing is not their top priority. But if you can’t market in 2020 — it’s time to consider hiring someone before you get lost in the noise.


Think about it. You have Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. LinkedIn. Twitter. Pinterest. MailChimp. Whatsapp. Tik Tok. Tired yet?

That’s a lot. And each one has it’s own unique audience and appeal. It’s a marketers job to not only know these platforms but understand them. It’s a marketers job to figure out which ones are important and how they add to the business’ goals.

As a one-person team — this is already a full-time (even overtime) job. As a business owner or someone just getting their feet wet, it’s a monumental task.

Now, I know you probably don’t have the money to hire a “” to work on your content and production daily. But for the sake of relevance, your influence and improving sales, adding the following team members (even part-time or per project) would help you get one step ahead.

A Content Strategist.

This is the first person you need to bring on board. This person Usually an inbound marketing specialist, they come with a broad range of skills. These include SEO, editing, content promotion, social media and audience persona design.

You should keep in mind — a content strategist is not a traditional marketer. Content strategists focus on non-interruptive marketing. They create strategies that don’t interrupt audiences during their online experience.

Have you ever realized ads popping up in the middle of a Youtube video? That’s interruptive. Have you noticed a suggested or related articles section at the end of a blog post? That’s non-interruptive. Content strategists create content audiences can find, resonate with and interact with during their search.

Here’s a good example of a content strategist’s role in marketing, brought to you by .

Source: Content Strategist Illustration by Moz

Don’t think they focus solely on content. They . Every marketing funnel they develop drives brand and sales — from inbound traffic to customer retention.

Marketing Funnel Illustration by Moz.

If you’re looking for consistency, they’re the first one you bring to the table. Long-term thinkers and organizers, they are the glue that holds the marketing team together.

A Copywriter.

Speaking about glue, a copywriter is the glue that holds all content together. And no, I’m not talking about the strategy and the vision for content. I’m talking about the content glue that solidifies every part of your campaign and gives it meaning.

These wizards help you craft powerful and clear statements for your business and campaign. Not only for blog and social media posts. They use words that drive your sales, your conversion and your search-ability.

Copywriters create persuasive copy which pulls at the heartstrings — making them more likely to buy. Sales letters. Landing pages. Web copy. Email marketing. You name it. Copywriters form the foundation of your marketing substance.

  • Enhance your brand with a voice and tone.
  • Save you money.
  • Earn you more money with a sales force that never sleeps.
  • Help you rank in Google or search.
  • Help your words resonate with prospects and customers using persuasive strategies and tactics.
  • Tie your brand together across all channels with a consistent voice.

Hiring a copywriter? They . And that doesn’t mean they graduated from university with a journalism or communications degree. The best copywriters had no background in either education program.

A Data Analyst.

The data analyst is a Talk about connecting the dots! They show you the pathway between what you think works and what actually does.

Want to know your customer’s favourite hobby? What to know when they look at videos of funny animals? Want to figure out what they’re thinking about at 2 AM when they can’t sleep and decide to hop on Facebook? This is who to talk to.

This analyst reveals user or customer habits and insights. Not only do they give you a peek into how your marketing efforts work, but the best way to optimize them over time. They play in numbers and usually don’t care about much else.

If you’re building any strategy, they’re the ones you seek out — for information and decision-making.

  • Gather information and examine buying trends to develop successful marketing plans.
  • Prepare data-driven reports on customer experience, sales volume, competitor outcomes and market trends.
  • Analyze the target audience for products or services.
  • Identify competitors and potential markets.
  • Provide advice on future tactics and revenue-generating avenues.

An Artist

They’re the creative force behind your strategy. As the artistic communicators of your business, they are in touch with how your customers emotionally resonate with the brand.

Their role is to build a connection between you and your audience. And provide qualitative feedback from audiences and customers. They don’t deal much in numbers — more with the appeal and feel of your brand and company.

These can be or who engage audiences and drive conversations.

If you’re hiring them, make sure they have certain qualities in line.

They need to:

  • Be good communicators (as with all on this list).
  • Have good time management skills.
  • Be organized.
  • Have attention to detail.
  • Have a desire to engage the audience.

A Video Content Producer.

— Smart Insights Report 2019

Having this specialist for 2020 growth is a must. Video will continue to be a major content player for brands as time goes on. Not only is video one of the most important aspects of any brand, but it also provides a deeper connection with your audience — if done well.

Video provides Doubtful? Take a look at , a leading CRM and creators of the term inbound marketing.

A Video Content professional can appease your audience with engaging content, building a faster connection.

If you’re hiring these specialists, make sure you get someone who can film and edit. It’s a better bang for your buck as a two-in-one professional makes the film and editing process faster.

What you should keep in mind?

If you’re able to afford these marketing specialists, get them on-board. But keep in mind, maximizing these professionals needs a clear plan in mind.

Whether it’s brand growth, customer acquisition or customer retention, create an environment with your business where each hire can add value.

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